3 points to ace your next exhibition

3 points to ace your next exhibition

Participating in an exhibition is not as easy as it seems to be. There are a lot of efforts that are continuously taking place in the background, much of which one is unaware of until one decides to participate in exhibitions!

Planning and executing the perfect exhibition stall is more like a dream come true only if you are well prepared and you know when to begin and where to stop. Here are three points to consider to enable you to ace your next exhibition.

Prepare well in advance: A year before is what we would recommend ideally. Planning for an exhibition well in advance will not only give you ample time to decide upon the right trade show that you must be a part of but you would also be able to analyze closely the contributing factors that would lead to a successful show. For e.g. you can examine the layout of the exhibition center and choose the best site for your stand. Or you could brainstorm and research upon the latest and unique exhibition stall design ideas and add a personal touch to the exhibition stall to make it click with your company’s offering.

Draw a budget: One of the most crucial factors to ace any event is to decide upon a particular budget. Having a proper budget in place will give you a clear idea of how much you have in hand and how much of it is allocated under each head. Allocation of the budget under different heads is very essential so that you do not go overboard on one and be broke for other necessities. For e.g. deciding upon a budget that you wish to spend on buying a modular exhibition stall or how much money you should set aside for your marketing budget and yet have enough money to keep aside for miscellaneous expenses.

Stand out: Remember, at an exhibition, you would be surrounded by many others and the only way to attract more visitors to your exhibition stall is by standing out. By the term standing out what we mean here is, try including unique exhibition stall design ideasgive live demonstrations at your exhibition stallinclude meaningful freebies and etc. This way you not only stand out from the crowd but are remembered every time a choice is being made either at the exhibition center or even after one return from the show.



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