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We design and manufacture Custom & Modular exhibition stalls that save you cost

We offer exhibition stalls in India, starting from 9 m2 - 50 m2

We manufacture the exhibition stalls at our state-of-the-art facilities in India

We print your graphics message for the show

We prebuild your stall at our facilities in Delhi NCR or Mumbai

We dispatch within 7 working days and deliver anywhere in India

We provide complete set up instructions including training your staff

We are just a call away should you need any service or spares in future

We redesign your stand for all future shows for free!

If you are looking to buy creative exhibition stalls, we are just a call away! 

Call us at +91-9167246768  or drop us an email at

Do you participate in multiple shows across India? If yes, then cease your search here! At Expo Exhibition Stands we provide you with European quality DIY reusable exhibition stalls.

Now you invest once in an exhibition stall and use it over multiple shows across locations!

Accessing our creative portfolio of impressive stall design for exhibition is as easy as pie. Simply, select your desired stall size and click on search. Browse through our numerous curated exhibition stall designs that garner attention and engage maximum attendees at our top upcoming exhibitions in India.

Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200 + contemporary stall designs to customize
Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200+ contemporary stall designs to customize

Our Portfolio

  • VIshakha
  • Stryker
  • Reliance R Elan

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Benefit from four decades legacy of providing exhibition stalls in Europe and presence in India since 2003

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Our Case Studies

  • Magna
  • Yanfeng
  • How Expo Exhibition Stands India Helped German Brand VEKA in Achieving Success with their Roadshows

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Here’s why our exhibition stalls offer the most convenient way to exhibit at an exhibition

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Get a free 3D design for your upcoming exhibitions or events.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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