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A modular exhibition stall comprises of a variety of interlocking components which can be easily assembled and dismantled. These stalls are reusable, and they can be reconfigured for multiple numbers of times by adding or eliminating a few of its modular parts, which makes it a lucrative option for exhibitors participating in various exhibitions, conferences and events. For example: If you’re planning to buy 9 m² stall for1,20,000 INR and when you use the same stall four times, the cost of the stall per show comes down to 30,000 INR per show, which is less than 5000 per m². 1,20,000 (cost of the stall) ÷ 4 (no. of exhibitions) = 30,000 (cost per stall).

When you compare to classic custom fabrication, a 9 m² stall will cost you 50,000, but if you need it for four shows, then the overall expense of the stalls will be 2,00,000 INR. Choosing a modular exhibition stall will serve as a one-time investment for your company; thus, saving on your budget.

Modular exhibition stalls are portable and come with interchangeable exhibition graphics. They are versatile, and can easily adapt to different floor plans, thus offering a high ROI.

Flexibility is the keystone for the smooth functioning of events taking place at versatile spaces, and that is why Expo Exhibition Stands offers modular exhibition stalls that become your go-to option. Being an experienced modular exhibition stall designer, we create stall designs with pre-manufactured components that can be quickly built and dismantled several times without damaging the parts.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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What makes our Modular Exhibition Stall an Ideal Choice for your next event?

Multiple Shows – Adorning the adaptability feature to the core, our modular exhibition stalls can be used for various exhibitions and conferences, and these creatively designed stalls helps in boosting the visibility of your brand.

Reconfigurable– Our modular stalls can be reconfigured, thus enabling you to modify the look of your stall for every other event. This will also let you restructure your stall and have different designs of variable stall sizes.

Sustainability – Unlike the custom exhibition stall, our modular exhibition stall is environment- friendly. Serving the purpose of exhibiting sustainably, these stalls are reusable, which enables to reduce scrap and wastage.

Packaging and Transport – Being packed in compact cases, our modular exhibition systems are lightweight and flexible, which enables you to transport them in a minivan or MUV (multi-utility vehicle) thereby, saving on logistics costs.

Ease of Use– These exhibition stalls not only can be effortlessly packed, transported to the venue but can be easily assembled and dismantled. Press-fit connectors and uncomplicated knobs make the installation and dismantling process a cakewalk. It does not require any prior technical background and support.

Reusable - Custom exhibition stalls involves carpentry & painting also welding in some cases and require material to be scrapped after every exhibition, whereas modular stalls installation and dismantling is a clutter-free process. Being easy to unpack and repack, these stalls can be reused for multiple exhibitions.

Quality & Durability – To uphold the reconfigurable and adaptability feature of our modular, reusable exhibition stalls, they are produced under strict supervision to ensure quality is not being compromised anywhere. If you store and handle it well, then it can be reused for at least 5-6 times annually.

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Our Turnkey Modular Exhibition Stall Designs Services

Training and Support:

Just as we mentioned above, our Modular Exhibition stalls do not require expertise in the building process. We provide a complete guide with drawings and illustrations of how to install and dismantle at the time of delivery. And on request, we’ll also provide one-to-one training to make sure you know the process well or share a video tutorial online for the same. If you still are unsure then we also provide assistance or support onsite.

Product Guarantee/Warranty

Our modular stalls come with extended benefits. Once you are a part of our extended family, we will ensure that you get the best of all services. We offer one year warranty over all the manufacturing defects. Apart from this, we provide spares, repairs, and maintenance service up to 5 years of purchase.

100% Pre-built Guarantee

We take pride in offering a 100% pre-built guarantee, which ensures that your exhibition stall is built in line with your brief and to avoid any last-minute blunders. Your exhibition stall would be completely assembled at our warehouse, and pictures of the same would be shared with you to make sure everything is in place before the final delivery.

Exhibition Stall Durability

Our modular stalls are engineered out of sturdy and robust materials, and hence they are perfect for exhibiting in India. Modular exhibition systems use fabric as well as vinyl print graphics. Our fabric graphics are fire-retardant and wrinkle-resistant. Need some inspiration for choosing the right modular exhibition stall design? You can browse through our wide range of designs online.

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