What are Self-build Exhibition Stalls?


Self-build exhibition stalls are made of pre-engineered parts that can be easily transported and does not require technical knowledge to set up. The installation and dismantling process of these stalls does not require help from industry experts on-site. They are a perfect choice if you’re looking to save money on installation costs or want to have total control of the stall yourself. Self-build stalls are impeccable for your exhibiting needs if you have the following requirements:

You regularly participate in exhibitions, events, and conferences

You want a portable exhibition stand, which you can carry for your event or exhibition

You want to save money on your exhibition stand, every time you exhibit

You want to save time when assembling your exhibition stand

You don’t want to be dependent on hiring personnel for assembling your exhibition stand.

You are looking for a stand that can be used for multiple touch points such as roadshows, conferences, and exhibition shows.

To self-build in an exhibition, you need first to consult an exhibition stall design company that will help you design, manufacture and deliver the stall for the event. And that is where Expo Exhibition Stands comes into the picture. Being backed by more than a decade of experience, we deliver versatile designs to present your brand at the event uniquely. You can then transport the lightweight stall elements yourself and fix them up at will as they are easy to deploy and offer a tool-free solution for your exhibiting needs.

What makes our Self-build Exhibition Stalls an Ideal Choice for your Next Show?

The self-build and design exhibition stall has its advantages. Many exhibitors prefer them due to the flexibility and portability it offers. But our DIY (do-it-yourself) exhibition stalls offer a lot more.

Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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Training and Support

Our self-build stalls are easy to install and dismantle. We provide set up drawing to enable you to I&D easily, however in case you need more guidance, we can organize one-on-one training and instruction session from our experts on request at our locations. Our expert will show you how to set up your stall, which will give you the confidence you need to do it yourself at the exhibition or event.

Our training session will teach you:
How to assemble and dismantle your stand
Mounting your stand graphics
To attach lighting correctly
Setting up your counters and other accessories
How to properly unpack, repack and maintain your stall material

Graphics and accessories

We provide high-quality graphics from our in-house printing units. You can expect crisp, form-fitting graphics for your exhibition stall, made by our expert designers. Furthermore, depending on your exhibition package, we will provide you with the accessories like shelves, lights, display podiums, tables, chairs, and more. So, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your graphics and exhibiting accessories are taken care of.

After-sales services

In any case, if your exhibition stall gets worn out, then we are just a call away for replacements. Once you buy a self-build stall from us, we offer extended warranty which covers all manufacturing defects for up to one year, not incurred by misuse or transit damage.

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