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The Luminy backlit system is the perfect amalgamation of the conventional lightbox albeit with a twist. Using the latest, improved, and enhanced technology, this version of the Luminy Backlit System is a winner. The first of the kind that creates experiential spaces such as exhibition stalls, brand promotion setups, or even a regular brand wall at a retail touchpoint.

It can be used as a building block to build backlit walls, roofs, wall-mounted panels, free-standing kiosks, etc.; making it perfect for your next exhibition, brand activation, or event and conference. The Luminy Backlit system is engineered to perfection to help build knock-down modular design and can be used up to 50 times without hassle.

Don’t like what you see? Customize and accessorize it right for your business type and let the crowd get talking. Its engineered aluminum structure makes use of high-power led lighting and has a very robust base. It is eco-friendly with low energy consumption, highly portable and the same structure can be reused to make multiple structures without any damage and guaranteed safety.

Make the most of your exhibition participation by adding graphics on the dual side of the Luminy Backlit System and making it more attractive and eye-catching. Luminy can be used as a double-sided backlit wall. This enables the marketeer to have different messages on both sides and not constrain their space by putting it against a wall.

Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200 + contemporary stall designs to customize
Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200+ contemporary stall designs to customize

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Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

What accessories are offered with Luminy System?

There are a plethora of accessories offered with Luminy keeping in mind specific industry applications and display needs. The accessories include floating shelves, inlit showcases, LCD mounts, lockable doors and more.


Can I use Luminy to make temporary roofs for my space design?

Yes, Luminy can be used to make free-standing walls, connected roofs and rooms. These can help elevate the design of your experiential space and also add to the utility of your stall.


Do you offer service at a shopping mall or housing society for promotional event?

Yes, we offer recce, shipping, installation and dismantling services at venues across India, other than exhibition grounds, such as shopping malls, airports, housing societies, universities, etc. This is done only if the event design and event system (Luminy, Expo Prestige, Creeya, etc.) are taken from Insta- Group. Venue booking and getting necessary permissions and approvals are NOT a part of our service package.


I already have some old structure. Can I add Luminy to this?

If the old structure has been bought from Insta-Group and includes products such as Expo Prestige or Creeya we would need the details and can create a Luminy design including your existing structure. This however is subject to a quality check of your existing structure and only if it is deemed usable.


What if I have a stall design from another agency or our creative partners?

Considering its flexibility Luminy can be made to adapt to nearly any design. Out in-house team of designers can create an adaptation of Luminy for the stall designed by your agency or creative partners.


Do you take care of installation for a big stall?

Yes, we offer full-service exhibition stalls for your exhibition across India. This includes design, manufacturing, printing, packaging, shipping, installation, dismantling and complete project management.


Do you supply only printed graphics?

Yes, we supply just the printed graphics only if the structure has been bought earlier from Insta-Group.


Where are the Luminy graphics printed?

We have an in-house large format printing setup that takes care of printing and completing graphics for your exhibition stall or event with Luminy. We ensure a high-quality finish and exact color matching with your brand identity.


Is Luminy available on rent or sale?

To help you make the most of your modular exhibition stall, we offer Luminy solutions on an outright sale basis. However, in case you have multiple events planned for the year and need a package deal that includes structure, graphics, packaging, shipping, installation, dismantling and project management we can offer special custom-made packages. Enquire here.


Do I need an electrician and carpenter to install Luminy?

Simple answer: No! Luminy is easy to install and doesn’t need a skilled person. We provide an instruction manual with every design that makes it efficient to install and be ready for the show.


Can I get a new design for every future event?

When you buy Luminy structure once from us, we offer event or exhibition stall design service free of cost for a lifetime!


Can Luminy be used outdoor?

Although it is best suited for indoor applications, Luminy can be used for outdoor spaces provided the exact ground and surface is studied before designing. Based on the application and outdoor conditions, certain alterations need to be made to the base design to ensure stability and safety.


How long does it take to assemble Luminy?

Owing to its pre-engineered design, Luminy can be connected very fast. A standard 3’X8’ (LXH) Luminy structure takes about 15 mins to install with graphic and base plates and the high-power LED lights.


How heavy is Luminy?

Luminy is lightweight compared to a traditional custom-built lightbox. A basic wall of 3’ length and 8’ height weighs under 15 Kg with structure, high power LED lights, fabric graphic, two base plates and shipping case.


Can Luminy be used only for Exhibition Stalls or also for other events?

Luminy is a versatile solution and caters to many types of indoor experiential spaces. These include exhibition stalls, brand promotion events and retail spaces.




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