A Clear Reason to Buy a Portable Exhibition Stall


Most stall contractors provide stalls on rent, and many exhibitors prefer to go for the rental option. But we intend to challenge that perception by proving to you why buying our portable exhibition kit gives a better return on investment.

The going rate for renting a 9m2 stall is approximately ₹54,000/- Now as an exhibitor you plan to participate in four different shows over the year, which would come up to ₹2, 16,000/- Our most economical 9m2 stall for purchase is ₹ 1,61,340/- Now that sounds like a very pricey purchase, but here’s what makes our stalls a superior choice.

Cost-effective in the Long Term

Engineered in Germany, our stalls are built to be used 10 to 12 times in a year, even more than that, if stored and handled properly. This means that if you end up exhibiting at 10 different 9m2 spaced in a year then your cost per exhibition drops to ₹16,134/- So you end up saving considerably per exhibition on purchasing our portable stall. To mitigate any risks of manufacturing defects we provide a one year warranty, we also provide spare parts and maintenance service should you need it up to 5 years of purchase.

Quick to Set Up and Dismantle

You can build corner, curved and shell scheme stalls, thanks to our uncomplicated connector system. If you want different graphics at each show, you can easily replace your vinyl or fabric graphics on our magnetic panel. Our stalls are also easy to carry and transport, once packed into their trolley cases they are compact enough to fit at the back of an MUV.

Quick to Set Up and DismantleInstallation and dismantle can be accomplished by your staff, they don’t need specialised training. In case, you need training for assembling your exhibition stall, there are three ways we can help you:

1.We provide a setup manual with illustrations detailing how to set up and dismantle your stall.

2.We can create and share video tutorials as a standard part of your kit

3.We can arrange for stall installation training at our warehouse, on request.

Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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Lifetime Support for 3D Designs  

After your purchase, we provide a lifetime of 3D designs for your kit free of cost, so you can customise the look of your stall or add attachments such as a wall/LCD mounts, showcases or arm lights for future shows. You can even upgrade to a large stall.

Our Portfolio

  • Vitality4life
  • Videobeat
  • starcke
  • Shulke
  • Sentronics-Metrology
  • Satto
  • Reactiveparts
  • Lcd
  • Maxima
  • Medisize
  • minncare
  • Pilot
  • Quibim
  • Easy-to-set-up
  • Easy-to-change-Graphics

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Why choose us for your portable stall design?

Expo Exhibition Stands offers portable exhibition solutions intended to save costs. We provide European quality builds, and stall designs made by expert designers. So that the portable exhibition stall kit you possess can instantly be able to distinguish itself from other portable stalls.

So what qualifies us as the right contractor to buy a portable stall?

Expo Exhibition Stands is the Indian division of Expo Display Service; our parent company has over four decades of experience of providing portable and modular exhibition solutions for exhibitors in Europe

Our manufacturing processes and project management skills are completely influenced by our European counterpart.

We have been operating in India since 2003, and have offices and warehouses across 7 major exhibiting cities with our own manufacturing and printing unit.

Our portable exhibition stalls are designed to fit into compact trolley cases, and they are also neatly packed in labelled containers to make installation and dismantle easy.

So don’t wait, head on over to our online stand selector and browse through our catalogue of stall ideas, you simply need to select your stall size and stall type then select ‘see price’ from our selector. It will then list stall ideas according to your preference.

Services we offer for your portable stalls

When you buy a portable stall from us, you also get the benefit of price-inclusive exhibition stall services that make it easier for you to focus your time refining your presentations and staff training.   Here are a number of services we offer for clients that purchase their portable stall from us.

We can deliver your portable stall to any exhibition hall, thanks to our Pan India presence

We offer a 100% pre-build guarantee, where we build your stall before dispatching it for the show to ensure that there are no surprises at the fairgrounds

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

We offer a lifetime of free 3D designs when you buy a portable stall from us, this means we’ll create a new 3D design for existing kit for all you future shows for free!

Benefits of a portable exhibition kit?

Its portable nature makes it the ideal choice for veteran exhibitors who have to exhibit several times a year, but even for a first-time exhibitor, a portable exhibition stall is a good option, if you are looking to exhibit for several times and not want to rent an exhibition stall every time.
But being portable and lightweight is not the only benefit our stalls offer, there are also other benefits that choosing a portable stall provides:

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