Four Amazing Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged in an Exhibition

Four Amazing Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged in an Exhibition

Exhibitors spend a lot of time, money, energy and effort to exhibit their brands at a trade show. And with so many competitors near and far there is always an underline pressure amongst exhibitors to pull off a great show and attract a maximum audience to the stand. Though there are a lot many ways you can attract your audience to your stall but the real challenge is to keep them engaged so that they are at your stall while you take turns in explaining your exhibit at hand.

Exhibitions like we all know are a great BTL activity that not only helps you reach out to an extremely targeted set of audience but also derive a Better ROI than other marketing activities and can be tailor-made differently for different customer groups, as and when the need arises.

So, here are 4 amazing tips to keep your audience engaged in an exhibition and make the most out of your show:

Communicate your message: Companies participate in exhibitions with some clear set of goals and objectives in mind. And what good is your participation if the messaging sent out to the target audience is not as bold and clear, as it should be!

The messaging sent out will directly- indirectly speak a lot about your brand and the product, service or technology that you are exhibiting at the moment. And the slightest of dullness can get your brand image at stake and lead to lower turn up of audience at your exhibition stall!

So now the real question is how can you communicate the message? No, you do not need to scream on top of your lungs to be bold and clear! Your stand, its design, strong graphics, large signage, creative floor design, live webcast, streaming videos, etc. are few ways to attract and engage your customers and yet be loud and clear!

Host a Game:Hosting a game or keeping your customer engaged in some sort of related activity is the most sought after trend used in experiential marketing. E.g. you are a gaming company that wants to promote their latest game to the audience. What better way to promote it than asking your audience to play the game themselves. This way the delegates get to play the game as soon as they enter your stand but also help you attract more people and will eventually help you engage meaningful conversations & create memories with them. If hosting a game is not possible, you can use Virtual Reality. With VR you can overcome the physical limitation of the exhibition hall.

Have a Tea/ Coffee Vending Machine in place:Accept it or not, Vending Machines are one of the most visited places in the office and otherwise to discuss work or take a breather from the regular chaos. The same logic applies to the exhibition stands too. Irrespective of the size of your Modular & portable exhibition stall remember to create a sitting area inside. This space can be used by attendees to charge their phones, have acesss to free wi-fi or to sit and have coffee and discuss business with the host, and interact with other event attendees. And to make the most out of the seating, hosts remember to collect their email id, contact no and company details of attendees to follow up post-event!

Give freebies:Freebies are always welcomed by both the old and the young nationally and globally. A simple yet effective trick to attract and retain customers at your booth is by distributing free merchandising to the visitors. The freebies could range from a branded pen to a t-shirt or any snack or drink. Handing out freebies after every successful demonstration could actually make attendees stop by your exhibition stall, to have a look, thus eventually giving you a chance to initiate a conversation ask them to attend the next demonstration

Though the above four pointers are some of the common ways to attract and engage customers in your exhibition stall, we are sure you are aware of many more. Also considering everyone has a different style of presentation to achieve a successful exhibition or event, make sure to keep a seamless mix of both appealing stall design, and presentation skills.



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