How To Sell at Markets: Tips to Set Up Effective Market Stalls

How To Sell at Markets: Tips to Set Up Effective Market Stalls

The opportunities in today's quickly changing retail world require a cohesive customer experience— connecting the offline experience with your website. Many big and small brands buy exhibition stalls online to build a better business and customer relationships. They are a great way to test out new markets that can generate extra revenue for your brand. Here are some points on how you can get it right.

Visually appealing stall at the right location

You should ensure your trading location is where your target audience is! While setting up a market stall, the location of your trading stall needs to be aligned with your product and the audience. And wherever you set it up, the stall needs to be visually appealing and should have enough space to showcase your products.

Thus, what you can do is look online for stalls that meet your requirements and pick up a few creative ideas that will come to life when you set up your exhibition stall in the market. Use the psychology of color to add impact. Place whichever item you want to sell the most in the center of your stall at an elevated level. Pack your product well once the sale is made so your customer is impressed with the whole purchase experience and will recommend you and return in the future.

Consistent communication with your audience

In any retail business, it is essential to understand who your target customer is. is Be clear and precise about your target market, and make sure your stall and exhibition graphics speak to them and convey your brand’s message in a credible way. For your online presence, communicate your product's story on the website so that people who are purchasing online and or from your market stall have a similar experience.  Understanding your target market helps you place your marketing messages where your audience hangs out, using words and information that speak to their requirements.


When it comes to speaking, exhibition stalls are no place for the shy vendors. People come to your stall because it has a certain appealing quality. Reflect on that appeal, chat with your customer, and take an interest in their likes and wants. Have a friendly conversation with your consumers to create a positive impression. This will help you build relationships with your customers and make sales. People will buy from someone they trust and like. Also, talk to other traders, introduce yourself, and give traders discounts; remember, it is not what you do, it is how you do it, and if you do it right, you will get results.

Pricing and profit

While you keep the prices competitive, ensure profit, and the time you invest are reflected in the pricing. Believe in your product and do not count on discounts for generating more sales. Only 20% of purchase decisions are made on the price alone. As per several studies, millennials are the biggest spenders, so does your product appeal to them? They carry very little cash, and many reports show that 'cash only' traders lose their sales potential. Thus, keeping the card payments facility at place makes buying products an easy experience for your consumers. For 'cash customers,' make sure you have a till, cash box, or money belt. Observe and act with the utmost professionalism to secure the faith and confidence of your customers.

To Conclude

There is an absolute joy about setting up a self-build exhibition stall and selling at markets. The customer interactions and the buzz of making a sale can be highly satisfying and a real challenge at the same time. So choose Expo Exhibition Stands and make your market exhibition stall stand out from the competition. Being backed by over ten years of experience, we provide versatile designs to present your brand at the event uniquely. We design self-built exhibition stands made of prefabricated parts that can be easily transported and set up with just an easy-to-read assembly manual. Its installation and dismantling process is easy to follow and does not require help from industry experts.



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