Cost Cutting Tips For Your Exhibition Stall

Cost Cutting Tips For Your Exhibition Stall

Exhibition shows remain as one of the most successful ways to find new customers and get your business noticed by a large, professional audience. For getting high-quality leads and enhancing your industry relations, exhibition shows are one of the best places to start. However, participating in an exhibition stall is elaborately expensive. You have to keep track of costs related to stall space, exhibition stall design ideas, transport, and labor among other overheads. Here at Expo Exhibition Stands India we have worked with dozens of clients for over 15 years and understand how to help clients manage costs. So, here are our tips to get you started.

Select your exhibition show with care

There are thousands of trade shows and conferences out there. Not all of them are relevant to your brand. You need to research and decide if the show you are picking will meet your desired exhibiting objective. This is easy to do for shows you have already attended, you’ll just have to check if the leads and sales you generate met your expectations. For the exhibition shows you have not attended, their online methods to gather this data. Look through their social media pages and website pages. Ask yourself.

1. How many followers do they have on social media?

2. How many visitors attended their show last time?

3. Are competing brands represented in their marketing?

4. Where are they located?

5. Does the show happen in the region you want to target?

6. How often does the show happen?

7. Is entry restricted to industry members or can anybody walk-in?

This lets you scale up or scale down your budget for stall space based on the exhibition show you plan to participate in.

Book early

A lot of exhibition shows offer early-bird discounts for exhibitors. Now you can only make the most out of it if you have decided which exhibition show you plan to participate in. Otherwise, you end up locking yourself down, for an exhibition show that you are unsure of, whether it will help you achieve your exhibiting goals.

Anticipate expenses

Have a detailed plan and acquire quotations with a price breakdown from every exhibition company in Mumbai or the region you are exhibiting in. Acquiring quotations becomes easier if the exhibition company in question offers fixed rates for their stall designs and services. Consider the rates for labor, transport, storage, and other overheads, since exhibition stall sizes will fluctuate these rates accordingly. Depending on the size of your stall these rates can go up or down.

Try a rental stall

Buying a custom exhibition stall has its perks, you get to customize it as per your requirements. But what if you are just starting out? What if you don’t want to manage the hassle of storing your stall?

In such situations, a rental exhibition stall is a better choice since you don’t have to take care of your stall before and after the show, that gets managed by your exhibition company. Rental stalls are also cheaper, offer a large variety, and are easy to get when you are exhibiting at a short notice.

Opt for portable exhibition stall

Depending on your needs, a portable exhibition stall is also a good option to consider. Portable stalls are compact to store and transport. You also save money on labor costs, since these stalls come with easy to follow instructions, which makes it easy for even one person to assemble your stall.

Reuse advertising materials

You can reduce your printing costs, by reusing your existing advertising materials. Ideally, if you do need to print new material for your exhibition appearance consider recycling your existing advertising materials with new branding. If you have exhibited before then you can also, re-use the existing graphics that you have for your new exhibition stall.



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