3 Exhibition Stall Trends to Watch Out For In The Near Future

3 Exhibition Stall Trends to Watch Out For In The Near Future

Exhibitions in India experienced a drought in the last couple of years, but professionals from event industry sectors remain headstrong about the importance of why we still need them. For event marketers, exhibitions are an essential part of the job. They provide ample opportunities for brands and customers to interact face to face in a physically challenging environment.

Exhibitions allow companies to promote their latest products and services to their target audience. This is still the case today, but as virtual streaming rushed into the event industry, the shift changed how we experience exhibitions. So, in the future, there will be changes to how exhibitors market their products at exhibition stalls. Here are three exhibition stall trends that companies should expect to see in the future.

Immersive Technology


The exhibition industry is well-versed in the technological movement we face worldwide. The latest technology we have seen being implemented in interactive experiences are VR, AR, and immersive experiences through 3D simulations. We are beyond having to visualize a future where customers can engage themselves in a gaming exhibition stall. With technology advancing quickly, limiting exhibitions to only virtual would not allow companies to execute their events fully.

Latest Digital Options


Today’s palette of production, digital innovation, and live-streaming has risen in popularity. The advantage to this is the opportunity to reach attendees worldwide that cannot attend, thus extensively increasing the brand’s awareness and reach. For example, live-streaming is becoming the future of exhibitions in India because it provides real-time interaction and engagement for an enhanced audience experience. If attendees were having doubts about attending, live-streaming would give them the reason to return.

Hybrid Events

Back in the day, people were overlooking virtual events as they were more into interacting face to face rather than attending exhibitions online. However, we now see digital solutions taking the lead; the same is happening with hybrid events. Nowadays, adding a virtual option to an exhibition has become essential as it allows organizers to maintain their numbers even if the live audience is low.


There are two benefits of going hybrid in the exhibition industry.

First, many attendees cannot attend exhibitions because of financial limitations. Hybrid events enable them to participate in the exhibition from around the world. This allows organizers to extend their reach and maintain sustainability. Secondly, a hybrid event is much more cost-effective than a live event. That is because organizers will have to spend less on these types of events than on in-person ones.

To Conclude

The exhibition industry is witnessing a revival because many exhibitors are moving towards digital tools. The above trends indicate notable changes and advancements in the digital exhibition industry. However, the basic idea of an exhibition becoming a success is the same: delivering a clear message to the target audience. Allow your brand to be distinct from the crowd.

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