We helped D’décor increase their reach to Generate Leads

D’décor, the Mumbai-based curtain and upholstery fabrics company exports to over 15 countries and holds clientele across the globe.

D'décor approached us with a brief to demonstrate their newly designed collection to their target audience. D’décor had made a season’s collection focused on Autumn, Winter & Summer. They wanted us to help them represent the collection according to the season. They also wanted the product to be resilient, re-usable, premium-looking, and easy to install as the company was set to conduct multiple events in the top metro cities across the country.

D’décor requirements:

  •  D'décor held events for dealers and retailers. The motive was not just to spread awareness but also to generate on-spot sale orders.
  •  They wanted to showcase the mood and the season that the products were based on.
  •  They also wanted setups that could be re-used and were convenient because they had multiple events lined up for the year.
  •  The company had also specified that they wanted the setup to be extremely premium and classy looking to lure in high-profile audiences that were attending the shows.

Our Solutions:

Taking into consideration all the requirements and goals from the brand, we provided them with our custom - modular event solutions in sizes 120-260 sqm.

  •  We provided D’décor with our most versatile modular solution, Luminy, that is a back-lit setup for events. The setup was used in luxury hotels in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi.
  •  Since they wanted us to specifically showcase the mood and the seasonality of their products, we provided a background display, with lighting and set an atmosphere around products’ aesthetics.
  • We integrated elements of the seasons with the aesthetics of the setups, so that the visitors could get a live experience of the concept behind every product design.
  •  Apart from the shows, D’décor also used our solutions in 3 other spot-light events at their office.
  • Being modular in nature our solutions had a minimal set-up time of just12 hrs and required fewer efforts in setting up as the company had intended.
  •  We provided them with services like recce, maintenance, storage, production, logistics, installation & dismantling, design, and more.

We have partnered with D’décor in reaching their desired goals and have been associated with them since 2016. We continue to be associated with D’décor to provide them with our value-added services.



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