Three ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stalls!

Three ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stalls!

Irrespective of the geographic location, exhibition participation has always witnessed a similar level of anxiousness. So is the case with India. Companies participate in exhibitions with a lot of glee and enthusiasm. Unlike other sources of advertisement and branding, which is mostly one-way communication, exhibitions are different! Exhibitions facilitate direct contact between the buyer and seller, and hence the preparation that goes in for this sort of advertisement is immense. The set list of aim and objectives are also different, and so are the goals. Businesses want to derive maximum benefits out of this participation and hence prefer working with a reputed exhibition designer in India, followed by a partner that provides excellent exhibition stall services, the best exhibition graphics and many more. Therefore next time when you decide to buy an exhibition stall in India, remember to consider these points to derive maximum output from a show.

Your exhibition stall is much more than “just a stall.” Your exhibition stall acts as the image that you create in the mind of your audience and how you present yourself amongst hundreds and thousands of others. Though a lot of priority is given to the exhibition graphics in hand or the importance of display and design, remember those can only be externally accomplished. What you can do internally when you buy a portable exhibition stall is what we shall be discussing next.

Below mentioned are three ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stalls:

Live demonstrations: Live performances or demonstration inside an exhibition stall has always proven to be a great crowd puller. If and whenever possible try implementing live demonstration of your product or service. This way you not only attract customers to your exhibition stall but give them a chance to live and experience the product even before they buy them. And when customers can touch and feel your product or service there are greater chances that they will be influenced into buying your goods and hence increase sales volume at the stall or outside.

Incentives or gifts:When businesses initially started giving out incentives or gifts to customers, their basic aim behind that was the recollection of memory. And when others saw the impact of these gifts and incentives they started following the trend without much delay. Giving away a well thought out gift or incentive is a great marketing initiative. This not only helps customers recall your products and company post-show but also helps them decide the exhibition itself. Apart from gifts and incentives, you could also hand out brochures and pamphlets having images of factories, or workers, or customer testimonials, your registered office, etc. Sharing such insights can add value to your business. And of course, freebies like branded apparel, mugs, snacks, or drinks are always welcomed.

Ambiance and atmosphere:Have you noticed how the ambiance of a spa and a beauty salon are so different? Can you guess why? It is because both the services are very different from one another and require a different ambiance and atmosphere. The same logic applies to exhibition stalls

Therefore, next time while designing and buying exhibition stall in India, don’t forget to consider the ambiance and atmosphere along with good quality exhibition graphics as a distinguishing factor for your exhibition stall!

When you plan well, you can exude your brand and its products by creating an environment that heightens your offerings. You can also introduce the latest innovation in your stall, play a video in the background- showcasing the company achievements, its products, and service, your offices, factories, etc. and attract visitors to your stall.



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