Three trends that contribute to an Exhibition Stall Success

Three trends that contribute to an Exhibition Stall Success

Exhibitions are a great amalgamation of potential customers and competitors. Trade shows indeed are one of the best avenues for participants and visitors to meet new prospects, address existing clientele, and study competitor behavior and market trends. And with an excellent exhibition stall design and fabrication, you can capture the attention of visitors attending the show and make people aware of your brand at a glance.

But is it as easy as it seems!

Yes, it indeed is!

Land your hands upon the right modular exhibition stall designer in town and grab the attention of hundreds and thousands of visitors at the show in a jiffy!

The Wikipedia describes the trade fair/trade show/trade exhibition or expo as an organized gathering were companies of the similar or specific industry come together to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunity.

What good is an exhibition booth if it does not attract the right set of audiences at the show! And while your competitors still find out how to attract visitors to their exhibition stall, here are three reasons how you could strike!

Promotion is critical:

Once the event, date, time, and place are finalized, get those sleeves rolling and find out the best means to promote your booth at the event. Remember to consider points like your target group, their age, gender, and choice of medium/preference, and build your promotion schemes accordingly.

E.g., you are a seafood exporter, and you wish to conduct business in bulk. Then your target audience would be a restaurateur and both big, mid, and small food production houses that buy seafood regularly and in higher volume. And considering the sales team and the top management are responsible for making the final sales call, your medium of promotion other than bulk messaging and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads must be personalized email marketing asking business houses to sign up or an invitation to meet you and the team at the show. You can also follow it up with a friendly email a couple of days before the show. This way you could build a direct connection with your end client and persuade them to come to visit your exhibition stall at the event. Remember to create a buzz weeks before the exhibition starts, and don't forget to mention any giveaways, competitions, and stand activities that you plan to host. Apart from the regular sorts, you could also join the online conversations and use hashtags and look out for posts and comments that you can reply to and engage with the audience. Remember to regularly update your social feeds before, during, and AFTER the exhibition.

Use technology:

Stand out from the crowd by implementing or introducing the latest gadgets or equipment at your modular exhibition stall. The optimal use of technology will not only act as a distinguishing factor for your booth but as a magnet to attract more visitors. And while you use the latest technology to woo visitors to your stall, why not follow it up with a live demo of your product or service. With this, you would not only stand out and attract the attention of others at the event, but it is an intelligent way to showcase your product or service in action at the trade show booth. With the live demo, they would indeed be able to understand how the product works, and you shall also have enough time to convince them as to why they should buy the product or service.

Remember to create experiences and lasting impressions with your product or service in the minds of your visitors rather than only aiming to sell them. Identify the current void and then try to pitch in your product or service to the customers.

  • Focus on exhibition stall design and fabrication:

    Your exhibition booth design should be such that it resembles your brand and creates a lasting impression in the mind of the visitors. And one way to do so is by focusing on the exhibition stall design and fabrication. The exhibition booth design followed by fabrication play a vital role in making or breaking your brand image. Research thoroughly and look at competitors' actions before you draw conclusions. Your idle exhibition booth design must suit the stall’s current need and yet pronounce the brand well! Choose a well-established exhibition stand supplier that will design and build beautiful, practical, and noticeable exhibition stall and drive more traffic. Make sure your stand is visible and loud enough irrespective of its size and it communicates a clear, enticing message that captures people's attention.

    Identity created by design is a way to express the core values of your company. When designing your exhibition, create a narrative, and tell your story through the design. Use striking and relevant visuals that leave people curious about your business. Make sure visuals are visible from afar by getting an appropriate size banner.

    Success at an exhibition can be mostly achieved with the right mix of planning, promotion, creative design, followed by post-show gestures. And while the above pointers will enable you to attract visitors at your booth, the correct behavior and quality of product and service offerings will help you achieve customers for life!


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