Should businesses participate in exhibitions?  

Should businesses participate in exhibitions?  

Just the other day while I was traveling for work, I overheard one gentleman trying to persuade the other, as to why their company should allocate a separate budget for exhibition participation. While the latter stood affirmed as to why they should not participate in an exhibition, the former had strong points to defy him. And this led me to think, “Should businesses participate in exhibitions?”

While some businesses would vow for exhibition participation, because of the numerous advantages attached to it, others could defy it and the debate could go and on without a certain conclusion.

So here we bring to you top 3 reasons why businesses should participate in exhibition and the role your exhibition stall can play in your business:

1. Face to face interaction: Even while the world goes bonkers over the recent technological advancement, in and around us, there is a unique feeling of reassurance when one can engage and have a face to face interaction with the target audience. Unlike ATL activities that mostly facilitate one-way communication, BTL activities like exhibitions are the total opposite. Exhibitions are a great platform to see clients in their eye, make a sales pitch, shake hands, and resonate with your message, standing right behind your exhibition stall. Such an atmosphere for sure cannot be created digitally and hence, making exhibitions the perfect venue for deal closures!

2. Learn about new developments in the industry: With the boom of the internet and the availability of most things online, learning about new developments online has become a cakewalk. But when you participate in an exhibition your business is surrounded by many others and hence learning about the latest developments and seeing them for real is a different experience that one must not miss. Hence, seize the opportunity. Walk the floor, and observe keenly. See what competitors are doing differently; observe their product displays, engagement tactics, and sales pitches. Take a note of their doing and later discuss the same with your heads and teammates and see if they can be implemented at the next event.

3. Enhance Brand visibility:  Your exhibition stall designer has a pivotal role to play here. The right designer with optimum experience can change your brand's image in the mind of your audience and connect to them personally. While a small business can use their exhibition stall as a podium to spread a positive word of mouth amongst their clientele and gain valuable exposure, big business houses can make an impact as industry leaders. They can use bold graphics, hanging displays, photo booth, or even create an experience using the latest technology. So all in all, irrespective of business size, businesses can enhance their brand visibility thorough participating in exhibition and designing unique exhibition stall.

Participating in an exhibition is a lucrative affair, only when one knows how to derive maximum output from the same. Therefore hiring the right exhibition stall designer, to selecting the ideal location for your exhibition stall, to the right staffing and proper display of the product or service at the exhibition stall, etc. have a major role to play. So next time you are in a dilemma as to whether you should participate in an exhibition or not, here is your answer.



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