Mobile Exhibition Stalls – The Next Big Thing

Mobile Exhibition Stalls - The Next Big Thing

Exhibitions are valuable marketing instruments that create customer contacts, strengthen product knowledge & reflect a company's image. That is why every exhibition is more than just an event. With the appearance, new customers should be acquired in the long term and the order books filled. This is one of the reasons why the design of the exhibition stall - regardless of whether you want to rent the exhibition stall or buy it - is of particular importance.

It is the business card of the company or the brand and thus an important success factor for your exhibition appearance

For medium-sized companies, in particular, an exhibition stall is always a question of cost. Readymade exhibition stalls are becoming increasingly popular and important. Not only are they cost-effective, but they can also be used flexibly. An exhibition system that is mobile can be used on a roadshow as well as in a promotional campaign or for a sales area at the point of sale.

Powerful Exhibition Systems Which are Mobile

The mobile exhibition stalls have also established themselves in India as a sensible alternative to traditional exhibition construction. The demands and requirements of a modular exhibition system are as variable as the companies themselves: Whether exhibition walls, advertising counters, showcases, or tablet holders - every exhibition system that is mobile must be precisely tailored to the needs of the company and its marketing goals.

An important aspect when designing a mobile exhibition stall is space. Unusual exhibition stall ideas will help you to make your booth visually appealing and adds uniqueness to your overall stall space. In general, mobile exhibition systems are always useful when the exhibition stall is to be used flexibly and assembly and dismantling are to be carried out as quickly and easily as possible.

Mobile exhibition systems usually consist of pop-up exhibition walls, folding counters, and roll-up banners, which are put together in a modular manner and which can usually be set up by one person and without tools. Magnetic technology, Velcro technology, or modular plug-in systems make this possible. Exhibition walls, columns, showcases, and much more can be put together from the various elements, which are supplemented by additional mobile elements such as roll-up banners, folding counters, monitor holders, or brochure stands.

Use of Mobile Exhibition Stall Systems at the Event

A readymade exhibition stall system supports you in making new customer contacts and increasing the awareness of your company. The system can also help generate new leads and build long-term business relationships. Modular exhibition stall systems with pre-assembled modules are high-performance exhibition stall constructions. Each module offers its own individual functionality and can be combined with other elements to form an integrated exhibition stall. These systems are the perfect solution for a stand that can be used flexibly. Since the same stand configuration can be varied endlessly, it also opens up almost endless new options for graphics. The modular structure also enables easy transport.

A portable, modular system can prominently present your brand message. Since you can combine the mobile exhibition stall modules in different ways as required, the exhibition stall is very versatile. Selected accessories such as shelves, tables, furniture, or monitor holders give the system an individual look. Mobile exhibition stall systems, for example with high-quality textile printing, offer a perfect all-round solution to focus on your brand communication. Design your stall according to your requirements and decide on the right modules that have the necessary functionalities that can be reconfigured for future purposes. Moreover, always choose an experienced exhibition stall designer as they can make or break your brand value.

High flexibility

The schedule for an exhibition stall is an important indicator of whether a mobile exhibition system can be a sensible solution. Do you take part in exhibitions where the stall has to be rebuilt frequently? Or is there a shop where parts of the stall should also be used? Then a readymade exhibition stall is a good solution because the modular design allows for a simple conversion or expansion of the exhibition stall.

The individual parts are easy to transport and can also be used individually. Careful planning of the entire exhibition activities, promotional campaigns & point-of-sales media enables you to quickly determine whether a mobile exhibition stall is an alternative to traditional exhibition construction. And last but not least: professionals offer comprehensive advice and allow transparency in offer and quality.

If you take part in exhibitions more often and would like to relieve your event budget, we recommend that you buy an exhibition stand. At Expo Exhibition Stands India, we have been building and constructing exhibition stalls for more than a decade. Our stalls are modular and reusable, easy to transport, and easy to store.



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