Five myths about Portable Exhibition Stalls

Five myths about Portable Exhibition Stalls

While taking part in an exhibition, you need to research a lot while considering certain factors. You might have come across certain contradictory comments or assumptions of the people that might stop you from making the right decision and made you feel like canceling your plan. There are such common misconceptions about portable exhibition stalls that have been into use for years now.

Even though these portable systems are widely promoted due to their benefits, there are some myths related to the portable exhibition stalls that need to be cleared out. Exhibitors exhibiting for the first time who wants to make the most of their investment and might hesitate to consider them as an option as these myths can actually affect their budget. Just eliminate these myths about portable exhibition stalls and you can notch up your event.

Low-Quality Graphics

Low Quality GraphicsGraphics have come a long way, and the choices are numerous when it comes to portable exhibition stalls. But, a common misconception is that portable stalls use low-quality graphics. There are different materials and techniques used for printing which means you can readily display your company products or services with a high-resolution graphics even in your portable exhibition stall. There are companies that provide high-quality fabric graphics which can be reused as it is crease-free. Make sure you discuss your graphics options with your exhibition partner.

No Customization

No CustomizationEarlier, portable exhibition stalls were viewed as square-shaped stall and not adequately considered innovative. Most exhibitors believe that choosing a portable system might restrict their ideas but the only thing that can limit it is the space. There are companies offering a wide range of exhibition stall design ideas that can be executed on your portable exhibition stall. You can customize your exhibition stall design as per your brand requirement, and that is what will help your stand make a lasting impression on your audience.

Specialized Tools Required

Specialized Tools RequiredPortable exhibition stalls are made up of pre-engineered parts which let several exhibitors think that they might require specialized tools for setting them up at the fairground. But, being modular, it does not require any specific tools for assembly. They can be easily setup tool-freely saving your budget on labor as they do not need much workforce.

No Storage Units

No Storage UnitsUsually, it is heard that portable exhibition stalls do not have any form of integrated storage or display showcases, due to the stability issues, and the materials used. But that’s not true, the latest system compiles all the health and safety regulations and also incorporates different styles of showcases which include shelves, back walls, lockable counters, etc. you can also add private storage space within your build that provide enough space for all your personal belongings and paperwork.

Easily Damaged

Easily Damaged Being lightweight, portable exhibition stalls are believed to be delicate and fragile, but that’s a myth. In reality, they are one of the reliable exhibition systems that offer great stability to your stall. They are built from high-quality materials which makes them durable. Built to last, these portable exhibition stalls cannot be easily damaged and comes with quality assurance.

Portable exhibition stalls are ecological and less expensive to store and transport. Apart from being cost-effective and flexible, these stalls can be reconfigured and come with replaceable graphics. They are easy to store as they can fit into compact cases which means you don’t have to worry for extra storage spaces as well as makes them convenient to transport. Therefore, don’t let these misconceptions keep you from choosing portable exhibition stalls for your next show.  There is so much more to those stalls than you might think.



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