Design Ideas & Tips For Your Portable Exhibition Stall

Design Ideas & Tips For Your Portable Exhibition Stall

To participate in an exhibition show is often considered an expense and time-consuming. Many SMEs give up on opportunities to network and expand their business for the above reasons. But, it doesn’t actually have to be that way, you don’t have to buy or rent a custom exhibition stall. A portable exhibition stall is enough for exhibitors to participate in an exhibition show. With, the added benefit that they can be reused for other events. Modifying them isn’t a hassle, neither is assembling and dismantling them. So you end up reducing your expenses considerably. The biggest advantage of a portable exhibition stall is that you can go where your prospects are. Even taking your stall from one show to another becomes easy.

So now that we’ve told you how portable exhibition stalls can help you, here are some tips and exhibition stall design ideas you should consider to make your stall stand out for your audiences.

1) Have you decided on the shape and size?

There are multiple shapes and exhibition stall sizes to choose from. So when you go searching for an exhibition stall, be sure to have the answers to these key questions:

What do I want to achieve with my booth?

Who do I want to reach out with my booth?

Who is my target audience? And, what type of booth design do I need to attract them?

2) Do you have a clear banner message?

To successfully grab the attention of your target audience, it is important to create a clean and straight-forward banner message. Filling every square meter of your banner with more content and images much feel appealing, but less is more. Your banner needs to be seen and it needs to communicate the message to visitors in seconds. That’s all the time you will get before they get distracted by your competition's banners. So, it’s crucial that your banner message must clearly state your USP and the advantage your brand offer.

3) Design your exhibition stall space

Like a custom stall, the placement of branding elements to create a positive impression and guide visitors through the stall has to be considered. A portable exhibition stall can also be augmented with visual elements such as roll-ups displays, folding displays, light attachments, flag banners, and storage shelves. For example, you can use roll-up displays at entrances and near reception counters to attract visitors. Brochure stands placed at exits are more appealing since they are more likely to be picked by interested visitors. To show off more digital elements you can add an LCD screen with touch support.

4) Invest in storage space

Storage space is usually not considered, by exhibitors. But it’s crucial if you want a clutter-free exhibition space. Catalogs, giveaways, and staff essentials are better off being stored inside storage spaces. You can’t even need to invest in special storage space. Often the solution of storage is resolved by your exhibition company in Mumbai or anywhere else by providing you with counter systems that have their own storage space. It is also possible to create a storage space behind your exhibition wall as long as you have that section covered from the front and back.

5) Have engagement activities

Picking the right stall for your brand from readymade exhibition stalls is important. But what’s equally important is to have engagement activities that make your brand memorable. Games, competitions, presentations, product demos are all interactive elements that add a kinetic touch and create a memorable visual display.

6) Have seating space

Usually, there isn’t any resting place at an exhibition show, even at the exhibition canteen visitors have to stand and eat. You will easily attract more visitors by having a place where your prospects can rest. This also gives you the opportunity to make conversation and discuss with them your products or services. In case they are not in a mood to talk, you can also leave them a pamphlet or a brochure to read.

So we hope that these tips and ideas help you to attract more visitors to your portable exhibition stall. For more tips, Expo Exhibition Stands India has several more articles you can browse through.



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