Yanfeng, located in Shanghai, China, is a well-known name and a global leader in the automobile interiors sector. The corporation employs over 33,000 people worldwide and has 110 production sites and technical centers in 20 countries. For all automakers, they design, develop, and produce automobile interior components.

Yanfeng came to us with a request for modular and reusable backdrops that could be used to display their whole product line. They wanted us to build an immersive experience for their customers that would allow them to view the products in action. The goal of the brand’s participation wasn’t just to create buzz, but also to raise awareness of their product line and drive sales at the event.

Yanfeng’s Requirements:

  • The client is seeking setups that are modular and reusable, as well as a product showcase display. They asked us to create immersive set-ups that would allow them to show off their full product line as well as their applications.
  • The lighting in the settings has to be attractive to the eye and show off the products to their maximum potential. Because the guests were expected to be automobile fanatics.
  • The client asked us to create a pleasant ambiance for guests where they could receive hands-on experience with the items in use
  • Because they were part of events in different locations, the kit we provided had to be durable.

Our Solution:

Yanfeng’s needs were evaluated, and we supplied 15 kits that were suitable for a variety of venues. size 3000mm X 8000mm:

    • We offered them our best Creeya & Highline portable & reusable setups, which consisted of modular backgrounds. These kits are specifically created to highlight the products and make the overall setup appear stunning.
    • The business staged large-scale events in a number of cities in India. Our kits were ideal since they were simple to set up, modular, portable, and incredibly durable, making it simple for the brands to move their sets around without difficulty.
    • We also offered the organization value-added services like logistics, recce, design, installation, disassembly, storage, and maintenance, in addition to the kits.
  • Our clients have praised our after-sales services, and we guarantee to keep up the good work.





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