Magna International is one of the most reputed and largest automotive suppliers globally. The company began its journey in 1957 by working with General Motors and now manufactures most parts starting from seats to powertrains.

Magna has been well known for delivering superior value to its customers through innovative processes and world-class manufacturing. And hence when they launched their latest product, they approached Expo Exhibition Stands India to enable them to display their products best in India.

Magna Challenges:

    1. Magna was looking for an effective display that read their brand message well, alongside fine printing of their latest product range.
    2. They were showcasing at some of the most renowned places in town and hence were looking for sturdy, reliable, and European standard quality display.
    3. Another focal point at the show was a reusable booth. Since the show was happening at different locations across India, they wanted booths that could be reused without any hassle.

Our Solution:

    After understanding their goals and objectives from the show, alongside studying the client’s requirements, we suggested to them our combination of bestseller products Creeya and Luminy. Our suggested product was the right choice regarding display and assisted Magna in reaching out to their target audience across cities in India.
    The setup created was reusable, reliable, sturdy, and organized, thus making it the right fit for transportation without any hindrance.
    The Luminy backlit display enhanced the booth’s customer interface and read out the brand messaging aptly. Hence enabling garner customer attention from near and far.
    Our display enabled compelling depiction of their latest product range through fine print graphics and European standard booth.
    Our reusable and portable modular solution can be re-configured in varied sizes to cater to their future need for different conferences too.

Our clients have praised our after-sales services, and we guarantee to keep up the good work.





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