Learn, how Nestle’ Nutrition Reached Out to Over 6000 Doctors

The Background:

Nestle’ Nutrition has been a leader in pediatric nutrition for over 40 years in India.
Since the last decade it has been innovating to offer more nutrition based foods to children aged 0 to 5 years.
Considering its quasi nutritive nature, it was not easy to market through mass media.
Reaching out to doctors directly was thus a fair way to penetrate the market.
While it was already a challenge to scale up events in Metros and Tier II cities, Nestle found it difficult to reach out to remote regions of India.

The Problem:

Space was finalized at a short notice
 Maximum regions were to be targeted
 Time gap between two events was very short
 High transport and setup cost
 Not all events followed the standard guidelines
 High team cost and effort for coordination

The Acquired Solution:

We created an event set up design in accord with Nestle’ marketing team
 It’s modular construction helped extend or reduce the design to fit the space booked at an event
 The set up was foldable with compact packaging that reduced transport cost
 Our project manager managed all coordination for locations, while the central team at Nestle’ got pictures of the ready event sent a day prior on Whatsapp!

There were 8 set ups which were being moved across 80 cities

 All set ups were same, thanks to our in-house modular assembly line production
 All set ups were approved by the Nestle Nutrition marketing team

What this means for you?

The Product

Customized event set up
 Mfg. with modular construction
 Print production
 Standard packaging bags & cases

The Service

 Space recce
 On site installation & tear down
 Logistic management
 Dedicated project manager




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