Bajaj Electricals partnered with Insta to Channel Sales Strategy At Event Venues. Here’s how

Bajaj Group is an India-based multinational conglomerate active since 1926. The group is active in various verticals like home appliances, automobiles, lighting, travel & insurance, and more.

They approached us with a requirement to create an immersive experience where the company’s expertise in the lighting sector would be showcased. They wanted us to make a booth that would depict Bajaj’s leading position within the industry. Bajaj focused on institutional sales in the event and the company wanted customers to experience their products as they would in real life.

Bajaj’s requirements:

  • Bajaj participated in 9 major events across the country where they wanted to showcase their products to large institutions.
  • They wanted the set-ups to be as immersive as possible to make sure that the attendees received first-hand experience of the product applications.
  • The company focused on institutional sales and its target audiences were government bodies, large institutions, electricians, and dealers.

Our Solution:

Taking into consideration the requirements of Bajaj, we delivered a 380sq.ft hybrid solution to them:

  • The hybrid solution that we provided them consisted of a backlit luminy and a modular creeya setup. We provided them with custom solutions too, which helped them create the experience they intended to.
  • We helped the company in roadshows which were set up in high-end hotel chains across metros and 2 tier cities in India.
  • The company was focused on institutional sales, which meant that they wanted to build relations with large institutions and government bodies, railways, the army, stadium owners, etc. Thus, the booths had to be eye-catchy and also act as displays of the real-life applications of Bajaj’s products.
  • We provided them with our value-added services too, which included recce, designing, production, printing, logistics, installation, dismantling, storage & maintenance.

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