A Quick Guide for Modular Exhibition Stalls

A Quick Guide for Modular Exhibition Stalls

Exhibition stalls are essential tools for your BTL activities at exhibition shows and events. A cursory glance through Google will tell you about exhibition stalls. But there isn’t a lot of reliable information for modular exhibition stalls. Experienced exhibitors are familiar with custom stalls, but modular stalls remain an unknown variable for Indian exhibitors. So in this article, we will briefly explain the concept of modular exhibition stalls and why you should consider them for your exhibition show activities.

What defines a modular exhibition stall?

Modular exhibition systems are indispensable for a regular exhibitor in Europe. The reasons for these are several:

Flexible – Made out of pre-engineered components that can be interchanged with ease. Modular exhibition systems can be easily scaled to meet your current floor space.

Versatility – Designed with connectors that can be fitted with different types of attachments, these systems can be reconfigured to fit different design types.

Reusable – Built to last, modular stalls are durable and have a long shelf-life since they are meant to be used by exhibitors who plan to participate in multiple shows in a year.

So, a modular exhibition stall is designed to save expenses for exhibitors who exhibit often. Custom exhibition stalls, on the other hand, are built to be disposed of immediately after the show. This makes custom stalls an excellent choice for exhibitors who plan to exhibit once or if they have a budget to build a custom stall.

Advantages of modular stalls

Along with being flexible to scale, versatile to reconfigure, and reusable, modular stalls have a host of other features that every exhibitor should consider if they plan to exhibit multiple times in a year.


Modular exhibition stalls often come in portable carry cases with each part labelled and packaged for compact storage. Since they are built with easy mobility in mind, they are light-weight and easy for a traveling exhibitor to carry, in most cases. Allowing quick mobility without requiring a special team or large truck to move the entire stall.


They are built from durable materials and can be stored for a long time if stored properly. Modular exhibition systems can quite easily be reused at least 5-6 times in the same year. They can even last for 7 to 8 years if used infrequently.

Easy to use

Modular stalls are designed to be easy to assemble and dismantle. They are built with press-fit connectors and turn-twist knobs that make assembling easy. Unlike custom stalls, modular systems don’t require any technical knowledge and can be assembled with the help of manual, step-by-step video or demonstration by the company itself.


Since it’s made of reusable components, modular stalls can be reconfigured to look different at each show. So, with one purchase, you get multiple setups. So, even though a modular stall is as expensive as a custom stall during purchase. For exhibitors who exhibit multiple times renting or buying a custom stall proves more expensive across numerous shows compared to a modular stall.

What you should consider before getting a modular stall

A modular exhibition stall isn't a panacea for regular exhibitors. After all, it comes with its own set of limitations. Here are some of them:

Storage – If you decide to purchase a modular stall, then you need to think about storing it. Storage can be a hassle if you’re a start-up that has limited office space. Several stall contractors offer to store your exhibition stall for you, at a cost.

Customization – Modular exhibition systems offer the option to customize your graphics, stall size, stall attachments, and even floor carpet. But unlike custom stalls that are made from the ground up, you can't have your custom frame or unique surface texture.

So there you have it, we hope this quick guide has improved your knowledge about modular stalls.



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