7 technologies to incorporate in your self-build exhibition stall

7 technologies to incorporate in your self-build exhibition stall

Technology has become one of the most important pillars to captivate visitors to your exhibition stall. With a host of innovative technologies such as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) making their way into the exhibition industry, it can be difficult to find the right technology that is relevant to your audience. Fortunately, we have researched these technologies one by one which can be incorporated in your self-build design to boost the ROI of the event.

1. Project mapping 

Project mapping is already in use with various brands and advertisers. This is a form of augmented spatial reality, which produces a 3D visual projection on a 3D surface. This projection can be almost anything the brand desires, from simple everyday objects to entire landscapes. Advertisers often use it to create optical illusions, such as the illusion of movement in stationary objects. Projection mapping does not require any investment from the visitor. This makes it a unique option that can be directly applicable to your self-build exhibition stall.

2. Beacons

The beacons are small wireless transmitters that broadcast radio signals to nearby Bluetooth devices. These can be smartphones, smartwatches, or even tablets. Each beacon sends a unique ID number to a smart device; this way your smartphone or tablet knows that this is a beacon of a certain brand. It can offer promotional codes, coupons, and flash deals. It can also help visitors navigate to their desired exhibition stand. The value of this tool is reflected in the fact that it is possible to communicate with the visitor at a local level, which is also the reason that exhibitors and fair organizers are increasingly responding to the use of beacons in the self-build design of the exhibition stand.

3. AR and VR

Both augmented reality and virtual reality create endless possibilities to engage visitors with your brand. AR / VR hardware allows you to create a three-dimensional experience of a location or event. AR and VR technology offers your visitors next-level engagement. With VR and AR you can better perform the following activities:

  Product demonstrations: Products such as cars and bicycles are difficult to present; companies often have to reserve large spaces to showcase their vehicles. AR and VR are the solutions for such products even at a self-build exhibition stall. It allows visitors to explore and interact with the company's product on a handheld device such as a tablet or AR glasses.

Gamification: Turning your brand experience into an educational game is one of the best ways to engage customers with your brand. Games require active participation because the user must perform predefined actions to increase their score or win a prize. This way you can get their full attention, which means that they will remember your brand even after they leave your stand.

4. Virtual walls

Motion-sensitive virtual walls transform the walls of your self-build exhibition stall into an interactive experience. By using LED and projection screens you can create a digital canvas for your visitors. A virtual wall can be used to write, draw, or play touch and tap games. A virtual wall is one of the impressive exhibition stall design ideas to incorporate in your stall! Your exhibition guests will have a lot of fun in a visually appealing way.

5. Product presentation via a digital display

Using a combination of technologies such as motion-sensing LCD screens and interactive mirror screens, you can create a digital display for product presentation. Unlike a traditional display, a digital display can be adjusted in real-time. When you look for a self-build exhibition stall in India, you can choose based on your display requirement. You change the color, appearance, and sound of the screen, keeping it fresh and dynamic for visitors.

Attracting visitors to your self-build exhibition stall requires a lot of creativity. It's hard work, but with the right technologies, you can not only involve your visitors but also ensure that your brand is top-of-mind with the visitors.



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