5 Building Blocks for your Exhibition Stall Design

5 Building Blocks for your Exhibition Stall Design

When you plan to participate in an exhibition, the very first thing that needs to be taken care of is your exhibition stand. It has been observed that the average attention span of a visitor at an exhibition is 7-8 seconds. This means you have 7-8 seconds to grab the attention of your target audience. In these few seconds, your exhibition stand should be able to convince the audience at first glance and draw their attention towards your brand. In this context, the exhibition stand design is the most important decision, depending on the budget and stand size. Below are a few elements that contribute to planning your exhibition stall:

Clear Objective

One of the vital aspects of the development of the exhibition stand design is the objective behind the participation. Whether the exhibition stall focuses on increasing awareness of the exhibitor’s product line or making new customer contact, or launching a new product in the market, makes sure the long-distance effect of the exhibition stand should be brought into focus. In any case, the stand design should contain a formulated exhibition message so that the audience can see at a glance what the exhibitor's focus is.

Exhibition stand layout

Exhibitions are considered as a direct mode of communication with your audience. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you plan your stand areas appropriately. Allowing space for discussions in a pleasant atmosphere is as important as the detailed design of your exhibition stall. This includes the optimal selection of exhibits as well as the targeted use of light, graphics, colour, and materials. When working on your stand layout, care should be taken to ensure that eye-catching features are located in the outer area of the stand. You can provide visitors the opportunity to interact with selected topics via touch screens.

Functional Areas

The information desks must be the first point of contact that catches the eye. This will reduce communication barriers between visitors who are not completely aware of your brand and company. The functional exhibition stall areas should be separated from each other by their lettering. A central location should be provided for catering and hospitality for visitors as it is where the most intensive discussions are initiated. Other functional areas, such as storage, cloakroom, etc. must also be carefully considered.

Use of colours

The importance of colour is evident as it triggers a wide range of emotions. Colours give products an individual identity. The right combination of colour can impact the audience's decision. If you want to create a warm and cosy environment, then you could make use of dark colours whereas if you want to create a vibrant and cool environment, then you should try bright colours. Therefore, colours are an essential component in planning out your exhibition stand for the event.

Brand Theme

Another essential component while planning your exhibition stall is the theme around which you will build your concept. Designing a brand theme would not only distinguish your brand among your competitors but also encourage your target audience to understand your brand in a much better way. It will also help in brand recall. Based on your brand guidelines, your exhibition stand manufacturers would help suggest the various exhibition stall design ideas for the event. Therefore, it is essential to provide all the background information to your exhibition stand builder such as location, size, and stand type to align your design with the objectives of the exhibition participation.

Your final stand design should make a significant contribution to distinguishing your brand from other exhibitors at the fair. Accordingly, when you buy an exhibition stall in India, you need to look for a concept that conveys your brand message accurately. Only if your message reaches your target group will you have a chance to market your offer successfully.

So, make sure you consider the above components when planning the exhibition stall for your next event. Above all, remember that visual elements are important when creating a stand design.



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