4 reasons your business should participate in exhibitions

4 reasons your business should participate in exhibitions

95% of businesses believe that in-person events can help them achieve their marketing goals.* The faith in exhibitions affirms the industry’s 12.43% estimated CAGR from 2022-27. **

We know that participating in exhibitions offers a ton of benefits. From being a great platform, to providing a great opportunity for growth, the benefits are humongous. Over the years, businesses have experienced the power of face-to-face marketing. And after the pandemic, businesses are jumping back at the very first opportunity they find to showcase their business, even if that means starting off with small exhibition stall sizes too!

While a few businesses could argue about the high amount of investment required to participate in an exhibition, the same group would also vouch for exhibitions as one of the most effective and powerful marketing methods. And to do it all right, businesses must be able to decide upon the right exhibition stall service provider and have attractive exhibition stall design ideas to reap incredible rewards post the show.

If you are contemplating whether participating in an exhibition is beneficial or not, read on!

Exhibitions have a great role to play in a business. Choose the right exhibition stall design ideas followed by size and price and see the benefits that follow after. We are in the business for quite some time now and have analyzed the top few benefits associated with participating in the right exhibition for your business.

Lead generation

While different businesses have different objectives from a show, one very common objective is lead generation. One of the major benefits of exhibitions is that only interested set of people visit the fair ground. Therefore, lead generation is a lot easier than going in the market and looking for leads that could be interested. So, when planning for your next show, keep a well-planned strategy in mind and build your modular exhibition stall according to your goals and objectives. Remember to collect and distribute visiting cards, email ids, phone numbers etc. Also make sure that every visitor that comes to your booth gets a thorough understanding of the products and services you offer.

Study customers and competitors up close

When showcasing your business in front of so many others, you will be able to study customers and competitors up close. Connecting face to face has a lot of advantages. One is able to understand the products and services customers are looking for and their response towards the company’s offerings. Likewise, with competitors, one is able to study what the others are selling, their use of technology and customers’ responses towards their offerings. These findings later help in developing a new idea or working upon improving the current offerings.

Increase brand awareness

A brand is built via trust and reputation. And while participating in an exhibition, you are at liberty to build it! Give your brand the much-needed limelight and set your business apart. Show your audience the reputation you hold, have slide shows that depict sales charts, previous customers’ testimonials etc. When your audience is able to see your business, the people, and objects behind it up close, the brand value and awareness of your business shoots up automatically. Promoting your business under the guidance of a versatile exhibition company in Mumbai will automatically boost your business’ image, gain media exposure, and, overall, draw attention to your business.

Network and build connections

Looking for business partners or a strong supply chain provider? Exhibitions are your go-to solution! Exhibitions are a great podium to network and build connections. From competitors to potential customers and even partners are available at the fairground. Make the most out of your exhibition participation as you engage with new companies and vendors, thereby potentially expanding your supply chain or obtaining new suppliers in areas which currently lack certain something.

While the above stated points are only a few benefits associated with exhibitions, there are plenty more. Businesses participate in exhibitions to learn, collect feedback, conduct surveys, launch a new product and more... Therefore, do some ground work and chalk out a plan that will help you make a great impression in the minds of your audience.

At an exhibition, the ground is open to all and hence it is advisable that you pair up with an experienced exhibition stall service provider. Look for upcoming shows and their attendees before you circle out on the exhibition you want to be a part of. Remember to create a strategy and work closely to accomplish the goals and objectives. At the exhibition, be prepared to meet plenty of industry experts and competitors all under the same roof!



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