4 characteristics to consider before selecting the ideal staff to represent at your booth

4 characteristics to consider before selecting the ideal staff to represent at your booth

The planning process, when one decides to participate in an exhibition is in itself a huge task! As simple and easy as it may seem, there is a lot that goes in the backend before one decides to participate in an exhibition. Few tasks involve, selecting the right trade show to be a part of, selecting a notable exhibition stall designer, whether to rent or buy an exhibition stall online, the product or service to be displayed, the employee who shall represent the company at the stall and many more….

What good is an exhibition stall if it is not occupied by the best of talent? Though your goods and services on display is your key influencer, an exhibition stall is only considered complete when it is followed by some of your ideal staff! Even the best of exhibition stall designer cannot guarantee you success if the key contributor that is the product or service on display followed by the personnel at the stall is not up to the mark! We mention personnel after product because they contribute to the most significant P’s of marketing.

So, the next time you are considering the ideal staff for your exhibition stall, consider the below-mentioned characteristics:


It is always a good idea to handover an exhibition stall to someone who is confident in comparison to someone who is uncertain and unsure. A confident employee shall not only take a leap of faith as and when required but can also handle out of the blue situation or situation that one was unprepared for. This confidence shall not only speak in volume about the employee but also for the organization he works for. His self-assuredness will thereby ensure great outcomes!

The exhibition center will be filled with people from varied industry and each will have an ample amount of things to boast for. And in this chaos, you can come out as a clear winner if you remain humble in front of your audience. Now one might argue as to, why not boast of your achievement? The answer is simple. If your achievements are worthwhile, we are sure your audience knows about it, well in advance. And also, nobody likes to be surrounded by someone who is always boasting or bragging about their accomplishments rather than talking about what’s in store for the audience if they happen to buy the product or service.
Attentive listener:

Everyone can be a good speaker if and when they know a topic well. But how many of your employees can brag of being a good and attentive listener? The handful lot that raises their hands up is your man! Other than just talking about the product or service in display and the representative company that is selling it, your customer also needs someone to hear their problem out and then suggest a solution that is the best fit. And this is only possible when your employee at the exhibition stall in an active listener.

It is always a good idea to trust a reliable employee than an unreliable one. When the employee appointed at the exhibition stall is a reliable source, the host can remain at peace, for the show is rested upon a good source! A reliable employee guarantees a greater success rate for he is one, that would reach the spot on time, collect vital information and share the information with assigned superiors only, he is serious about his doings, and is attentive when information is passed. Thereby eliminating the lesser risk of an unsuccessful show and guaranteeing a hike in sales over time, if not immediately.



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